FEB31st is a high-end wood brand handmade in Italy, and with the combination of the naturalness of the wood and the energy of color gives you wooden eyewear that’s raw and unlike anything else.

The FEB31st eyewear collection launched in 2011, with the aim of creating colorful and customizable wooden eyeglasses. Designer Valerio Cometti wanted to create an elegant new brand and a distinctive new range of spectacles and sunglasses.

Wood in itself has an unlimited intrinsic charm. The addition of color opens up the possibility of change, introducing a fresh and personal perspective. Each Feb31st frame is handcrafted from 13 layers of certified FSC ecologically harvested woods, including bolivar and kauri. The brands secret ingredient, Flexy Soul, is a super thin layer of robust and flexible material that is inserted in the 13-layer sandwich of woods. Once pressed and worked by FEB31st artisans, the wood becomes super resistant and allows creating ultra-thin frames. Weighing just 21g, these beautifully handcrafted wooden glasses are perfect for anyone out there looking for beautifully styled, lightweight and thoughtfully designed eyewear that can be customized to be as original and unique as their owner.

With FEB31st, you have the option to personalize the colors of the different layers of the frame you choose; you can also laser engrave a name, a signature, a logo or whatever you would like anywhere on the inside or outside of the frame. You can customize the frame size, the nose setting (wooden, silicon, or Asian), the length of the temples, and the option to add acetate temples.

FEB31st is genuinely eco-friendly; there is no inventory and the company produces, very quickly, for directly on order. That's why the name FEB31st: something that does not exist, but that actually exists and is active in the field of high fashion. This brand is able to offer its customers the freedom of choice and genuinely bespoke objects.

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