Kazoku Lunettes


Kazoku Lunettes is a prestigious luxury eyewear brand made with the finest craftsmanship from artisans of Japan. The brand is known for its uncompromising unique finish with class and timeless pieces. Kazoku creates high-quality eyewear that empowers its wearers to express their individuality.

Kazoku is a Japanese brand designed with a bold, unique, sophisticated, and modern style that enhances anyone’s fashionable wardrobe. This brand of eyewear was created to be a conversation starter. It’s exclusive designs allows one to make a statement, while still being classy, stylish, chic, extraordinary, and more importantly allows you to be yourself. Kazoku Lunettes does not change your look, it simply enhances it.

The collection is forged by the interaction between a blend of visual satisfaction and superb quality. The process is defined with the objective of creating bold, matchless, and modern products that reflect the ideals of the respective brands and the latest trends. With precise machining measurement during production, Kazoku incorporates lightweight frames, durable hinges, along with the finest acetate and metal.

Kazoku Lunettes creates fashionable designs for both men and women, and can be made as sunglasses or clear. The brand became extremely popular with its fine metal work, in particular with the Nighthawk, Daydreamer, and Insomnia models. The unique curve over metal over the nose gives a fashionable look that always demands a double take from onlookers, whether friends or family, or strangers in a crowd. Kazoku Lunettes also sets itself apart from the rest with its added 18kt gold accents that are available in either Gold or Rose Gold. The brand is also well known for its large and oversized frames, which have become very popular and in demand these past few years.

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