Nano Vista

Nano Vista

Nano Vista eyewear is a durable and flexible children’s brand collection, manufactured in Spain, and is the leader in the field of pediatric eyewear.

We know that children are restless by nature. They run, jump, play, and need glasses that adapt to them, and resist all possible blows and falls that they may experience. With Nano, forget about it! Stretch, step on, shrink, twist... these glasses are INDESTRUCTIBLE. This children’s collection is always the best option for children’s eyewear needs.

Nano Vista is a brand of unbreakable prescription kid’s glasses, designed in Spain using the latest technologies. One of the distinctive features included on Nano Vista’s eyewear is a two frames in one design modular strap system that allows traditional temples to be removed so a full headband strap can be applied; perfect for wearing under helmets, and during sports and rough play. So from a quiet class room to a rugged playground, swapping back and forth between temples and headband is easy!

Nano Vista is manufactured with exclusive and patented Siliflex material; this hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and unique thermo-adjustable material is 35% lighter than acetate frames and delivers a long lasting and durable finish. The patented 52 hinge allows for 180 degree rotation without breakage, all while keeping the frame secure and comfortable on any child’s face. Maximum flexibility make the frame "Child-Proof" where you can rest easier about constant breakages. Adjustable, flexible, light and comfortable is what sets these frames apart.

With a diverse collection featuring more than 300 trendy styles, Nano Vista offers a full spectrum of eyewear for kids to fully express themselves. The selection is constantly evolving as technology and style advance, and kids’ needs change.

First Class Eye Care located in Duluth, GA (Atlanta) is a proud authorized boutique dealer of Nano Vista eyewear. Come in today and explore our thoughtfully curated collection of eyewear. We would love the opportunity to style you and have you looking and seeing your very best! #nano #nanovista

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