Orgreen Optics is a Danish designed luxury eyewear brand that is handmade in Japan and consists of exceptional materials such as high-quality titanium, beta-titanium, and precious metals. Orgreen has a signature style using innovative color combinations, and is characterized by the love of detail, precision, and longevity.

Founded in Copenhagen in 1997, Orgreen Optics designs strong and timeless frames for quality-conscious individuals all over the world. The line is especially known for their clean lines, multiple colors, high-quality finish, and unique details.

Orgreen Optics’ designs incorporate traditional Scandinavian values combined with inspiration from travels and interests from around the world such as architecture, art, and nature. This perfect balance of creativity brings to life each and every frame frame.

The brand has always done well with simple, sophisticated shapes, while adding small details that are not overdone, and yet still stand out. Also, every frame has a different template, leaving each frame to have a personality of its own. The two-color combination gives a lot to the shape and it becomes even more attractive and complete.

Orgreen frames are handmade in Japan, a nation with a long and proud tradition of superior eyewear manufacturing which enforces quality control of the highest standard in every step of the manufacturing process. Also, the choice to work with titanium was an easy one, as it is one of the best quality materials in the world when working with metal in small details, in particular for its strength and lightness of the material. This is not just for eyewear, but also for airplanes, cars, electronics, etc. Orgreen glasses not only look great, but they are truly designed to last!

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