Anti-Reflective Coating (No Glare)

Did You Know?

Originally, anti-reflective coatings were used for binoculars, not eyeglasses. During war it was very dangerous for soldiers if their binocular lenses reflected light and revealed their position to the enemy. The anti-reflective coating was invented to prevent this happening.

Anti-Reflective Coating Q&A

Eyeglass wearers are exposed to countless light sources that strike their lenses from every angle imaginable, whether indoors or outdoors. When light reflects off the lenses it can cause an annoying and distracting glare. It can make it difficult to focus on tasks and even create a dangerous driving hazard. Fortunately, there’s a solution to combat glare at every angle, so you can regain their ability to see clearly—without discomfort or distraction.

Anti-reflective (AR) Coating, also known as No Glare Coating, are specific metal oxide coatings embedded onto the lenses to decrease the amount of reflective light. No Glare coatings eliminate almost all reflections from the surfaces of your lenses. Without these reflections, more light can pass through, which can improve sharpness and clarity of vision. 

  • Enhanced vision – reduction of reflected light increases the quality and clarity of your vision, in particular at night.
  • Durability – AR coatings provide extra protection which translates to making your lenses last longer and more scratch resistant (not scratch proof).
  • Easy Lens Maintenance – AR coatings are also waterproof and oil proof, which helps protect your glasses against smudges, and makes your glasses easier to clean.
  • Better cosmetic appearance – ever take a photo with glasses on and  view the photo and you see a huge reflection of light over your eyes? Eliminate that with AR coatings.
  • Reduced Eye Strain – light reflections, in particular with screened devices, can makes it harder to focus and possibly cause headaches. Reducing this glare gives immediate relief.
  • UV Protection – Not all AR coatings are created equal. Our No Glare coatings have the added benefit of protecting your eyes against the damaging rays of the sun.

Absolutely! We recommend that EVERY patient add AR to their eyewear, whether it be everyday glasses, computer glasses, or reading only. Outside of reflecting light, AR coatings give you clearer vision that’s more natural compared to uncoated lenses. If still hesitant on making a decision to add No Glare, consider it if you struggle with the following:

  • You have difficulty seeing while driving at night.
  • You spend a lot of time looking at screens or digital devices.
  • Your lenses appear thicker than normal. 
  • You’re often bothered by reflections when wearing glasses.
  • You are sensitive to lights, and/or have a history of headaches.

At First Class Eye Care, it’s our mission to provide our patients with the very best. We only use premium No Glare coatings, and offer to our patients Crizal Sapphire and Shamir Glacier Plus. Both brands are by far the very best in the industry.   

We ask that you use the recommended cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth to clean your lenses. Wetting the lens before cleaning will help avoid smudges and keep your lenses crystal clear.

Please avoid using any harsh chemicals to clean your glasses as it can damage the coating.

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