Did You Know?

Glaucoma is the second-leading cause of blindness in the United States.

Glaucoma Q&A

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can cause vision loss by damaging the optic nerve, which is a bundle of nerve fibers that transmit visual signals from the eye to the brain.
Glaucoma is known as the “Silent Thief of Sight” as patients don’t typically notice symptoms until the late stages of the disease. This is one of the many reasons our doctors stress the importance of an annual comprehensive eye exam
Anyone can get glaucoma, but you are at higher risk if you:

•Are over 40 years of age
•Are African American
•Are Hispanic/Latino
•Have a family history of glaucoma
•Have elevated eye pressure
•Have high myopia
•Have a history of an eye injury
•Use corticosteroids
During a glaucoma evaluation, we will:

•Measure the pressure inside the eye
•Inspect the drainage system of the eye
•Test the peripheral vision of each eye
•Evaluate the health of the optic nerve
•Use photography and computerized imaging of the optic nerve to monitor for changes
Glaucoma treatment is aimed at reducing pressure in the eye. Prescription eye drops are the most common and often the first treatment. Some instances may require use of systemic medications, laser treatment, or surgery. While there is not yet a cure for glaucoma, early diagnosis and continuing treatment can preserve eyesight.

Our doctors at First Class Eye Care are both residency-trained in ocular disease and use advanced in-house technology to diagnose and manage glaucoma. If you have glaucoma, or are at risk, schedule an evaluation with us today!

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