Anwuli Eyewear is a Nigerian designed luxury eyewear brand that is handmade in Greece. Anwuli, pronounced Ann-woo-lee, is a name of Igbo origin which means ‘Joy.’

From Nigeria with love, Anwuli eyewear is rooted in royalty. Founded in 2019 by Dr. Nwamaka Ngoddy, a local Atlanta Optometrist, she brings her Nigerian culture to eyewear with designs that “make a statement without speaking.” After many years in practice Dr. Ngoddy noticed several patients having difficulty finding stylish frames that fit really well. This luxury brand was created and designed specifically with Black and African facial features in mind. The goal and inspiration of this line is dedicated to making eyewear a pure joy.

The debut line entitled ‘The Royal Collection’ is designed and named after members of the founder's royal family and the traits of royalty they capture. Each frame is carefully curated and professionally designed to bring the wearer joy. All materials used to create each frame are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, and are made of the finest acetate and stainless steel (or combination of both). The frames come originally with tinted sunglass lenses, but the line is so versatile that many admirers purchase a complete pair with clear lenses as well.

Anwuli eyewear is great for both men and women. The brand brings versatile fashion, optimal fit, and handcrafted quality all into one. If you are looking to support local, support women business owners and entrepreneurs, or simply just want to look amazing, Anwuli Eyewear will be a great spot to start looking in our optical.

First Class Eye Care located in Duluth, GA (Atlanta) is a proud authorized boutique dealer of Anwuli Eyewear. Come in today and explore our thoughtfully curated collection of eyewear. We would love the opportunity to style you and have you looking and seeing your very best! #anwuli #anwulieyewear

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