Roger Eye Design is a high-end luxury brand that is widely known for its funky, eclectic shapes, and bright colorful styles – some styles so colorful they mimic that of a cartoon and have been named accordingly. If you are tired of boring, or like eyewear that can be a statement piece and talk across the room, then Roger eyewear is for you.

Founded in 2007 and handmade in the Dutch Netherlands. Designer Roger Hoppenbrouwers recognized that there was a lack of creative options for people with petite faces needing smaller sized eyewear. With the mass adoption of simple traditional colors, many times these facial types had to look in the children’s section to find something that fit and had color. This had to change, and Roger Eyewear was born, creating designs with trendy shapes and bold colors that fit people’s faces AND their personality.

Over time, Roger has developed styles to fit all face shapes, while creatively developing a reputation to help individuals express personality and character through their eyewear. The brand is an easy and fashionable collection with soft shapes, exciting colors made from high quality materials with a durable Swiss ‘Berlac’ paint finish. Fun shapes put into exciting frames.

Roger is here to stay for a long time and will continue to develop trends and fashions in the optical industry. Created for those who are looking for eyewear that suits their character and way of life.

First Class Eye Care located in Duluth, GA (Atlanta) is a proud authorized boutique dealer of Roger Eyewear. Come in today and explore our thoughtfully curated collection of eyewear. We would love the opportunity to style you and have you looking and seeing your very best! #roger

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